5 Most Beautiful Churches in the United States

5 Most Beautiful Churches in the United States

5 most beautiful churches in the United States

Europe indeed has a rich history of churches and religious sites. Many consider it a must to travel to Europe to see beautiful church buildings and chapels. However, this is not the case as even the United States has many beautiful churches that are well worth visiting. Do people doubt it? Check out the following five beautiful sacred landmarks in the United States.

1. Washington National Cathedral

The church is located in the capital of the United States and is considered the most beautiful church in the United States. It consists of the Notre Dame facade and a towering stained glass window, which makes it look stunning. Don’t miss to take a look at the garden that surrounds the church as it is beautiful too. Also visit the inside of the church and people will be stunned by its beauty. There is also a gallery where visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the city. No doubt the church is beautiful and you will enjoy seeing it all.

2. St. Luis Cathedral

The church is also known as the Cathedral of Saint Luis. The church was designed by four architects, which leads Father Rutler to believe that it is the most beautiful church in the United States. He also says that it is the most beautiful as it has a designed chapel of the Virgin and All Saints. The church also features unique mosaics created by the Tiffany Company in 1912. The pastor says he enjoys the uniform overall structure and the stained glass windows at balcony level designed by a different designer. When people want to see its beauty, attend one of the cathedral’s weekly masses.

3. Holy Mary the Angels

Construction on St. Mary the Angels began in 1899. The church is great because it resembles St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. If people want to see the beauty of St. Peter’s Basilica, they don’t have to travel to Europe there as we have the twins in the US. The church carries the top pieces of Roman Renaissance architecture that draws most people to visit it. It has also completely rebuilt 26 roof angles, the beauty of which attracts the attention of every passerby.

4. Cathedral of Saint Paul

The Saint Paul Church Building was completed in 1958 and is one of the most beautiful churches in the United States. The outer walls of the cathedral are made of the Saint Cloud granite, which makes it look very beautiful. In addition, it has well-decorated American travertine interior walls by Mankato. Visit the church one day and see the beauty for yourself.

5. Saint Mary Catholic Church
Various things make this church beautiful, such as stained glass windows, beautiful designs, and ornate colors, among many others. The great colors need to be preserved and restored to keep them in beautiful condition. If tourists want to visit the beautiful churches in the United States, George Rutler suggests that Saint Mary’s Catholic Church should be on that list.