4 Lessons to Learn from Toyota’s Digital Marketing Strategy


Toyota Motor Corporation is a Japanese automobile manufacturing and sales company headquartered in Aichi, Japan. Toyota was founded in 1837 by Kiichiro Toyoda and is the largest automobile manufacturer.

The team of experts designs each Toyota’s digital marketing strategy based on an analysis of customer choices and expectations.

Its strategies vary in different areas of activity at different levels, including national, regional and global levels. You take action based on the evaluation of target customers’ decisions, purchasing capacity, and market conditions in a given area. They are the key elements in shaping Toyota’s marketing strategies.

Toyota is also guided by the concept of continuous improvement, including the principles of Kaizen, Challenge and Genchi Genbutsu. Kaizen is a mindset that relates to continuous small improvements in business processes, which will likely help Toyota use social networking sites.

The challenge principle assumes that you act boldly to accomplish the mission when a challenging task is encountered. The final principle is for backtracking with a self-exam process to make sure you have the knowledge to do this.

“Before you say you can’t do something, try it!” says Kiichiro Toyoda’s father, Sakichi Toyoda, who is also a Japanese inventor and industrialist.

As the internet has become more accessible over the past few decades, social media and digital campaigns have grown in importance. Toyota, as an innovative company, shares attractive content on its social networks and creates digital campaigns that help expand its customer base by getting more people to convert them than their customers.

Here we summarize the most popular lessons from Toyota’s digital marketing strategy, including a focus on creativity and imagination, audience engagement through social media, a green approach, and attractive commercials.

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Focus on creativity and imagination

Toyota uses social media as the core of its digital marketing strategy, sharing spectacular images and videos to connect with target audiences.

Currently, Toyota’s official Facebook account has over 17.5 million followers and over 2 million people follow its official Instagram account. With its catchy slogans and creative contributions, Toyota aims to stimulate the imagination of its followers and inspire them to follow their dreams in order to come true as desired.

Here are a few examples from the official YouTube channel promoting Toyota’s social media strategy:

This commercial, titled “Start Your Impossible,” tells the story of a boy traveling around Tokyo and bringing a new kind of mobility to life from Toyota’s mobility products. The prominent slogan of the commercial is: “If you can move freely, anything is possible”.

Another example is one of Toyota’s best digital campaigns announcing an art competition about dream cars. The motto of the competition is “Inspire the world with your dreams” and is aimed at playful and creative children in order to visualize the car of their dreams.

This is a way to let kids’ imaginations run wild and inspire others to dream and draw their own dream car. This campaign had thousands of participants from different countries and it became a trending organization for children.

Toyota’s social media posts follow current trends in many ways. In order to increase trust and loyalty with its customers, the company tries to develop emotional incentives for its vehicles through its approach that targets who and how to reach out.

Rather than just sharing pictures of their cars and trucks, Toyota’s social media strategy is based on engaging with followers by asking open-ended questions and talking about their experience with Toyota. The more you interact with customers, the more feedback you will get to increase your performance and customer loyalty.

Toyota highlights the expectations and needs of its target audience through creative social media posts that make the brand more accessible without being promotional.

Toyota’s Pinterest account has more than 10 million monthly viewers and is helping the company improve brand attractiveness through this platform. The concept of mobility through short videos repositions the brand in the market. People have a chance to watch the exclusive Toyota experience and choose what they want when they get a car or a truck.

An environmentally friendly approach

The latest fashion in the automotive market is the concept of sustainable development through environmentally friendly solutions. The demand for energy efficient, greener and safer vehicles is driving companies to find the best possible use of our natural resources and reduce operating costs.

In a prominent position as a global green brand, Toyota is a patented company with recognized efforts to promote sustainability and the use of green marketing. This is a big reason why most people prefer Toyota vehicles.

The Toyota team emphasizes that there is only one planet with life, earth. So Toyota has developed a number of vehicles by ensuring that Toyota’s facilities optimize efficiency while minimizing waste and energy consumption. Find detailed information on Toyota’s environmental initiatives here.

Effective commercials

Toyota ads and commercials showcasing new Toyota models steal the hearts of many with entertaining and flashy scenarios. Here’s an example: The 2016 Toyota Prius commercial, titled “The Longest Chase,” was released during Super Bowl 50.

A group of bank robbers becomes folk heroes when they can escape the police thanks to the Toyota Prius as a getaway car. Then the cops understand that the only way to catch the robbers is to drive the Toyota Prius again. The main theme of the commercial is that Toyota has no competitors to compare with.


With the right social media and advertising strategies, Toyota has a prominent place in the market. By operating creative content that inspires people, engages more people on social media, is an environmentally friendly brand, and attractive commercials, Toyota will definitely continue to be one of the most preferred automotive companies.

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Toyota makes ideal use of digital marketing to optimize customer loyalty and loyalty. It seems that availability on multiple platforms, creating multi-channel campaigns, and interacting with followers via social media posts will keep Toyota’s place in the market for a much longer time.