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4 Common Misconceptions about Shared Hosting 1

Shared hosting is when multiple websites are hosted on a single physical server. It is an ideal hosting solution for small businesses. Because it is quite budget friendly and has enough features that a small business needs. However, there is a lot of misinformation floating around on various platforms regarding shared hosting. In this article, we’re going to address some of these misconceptions and try to clear up many of the misconceptions related to shared hosting.

Free hosting is the same as shared hosting

Every time you search for free hosting service, you will come across shared hosting. One thing that needs to be made clear, however, is that not all shared hosting is free, and the fact that shared hosting is free doesn’t make it any less effective or useful.

One thing is obvious, even if a host offers free shared hosting, they will be earning their income through other means such as advertising on your website. Such ads will not help you make a profit. Such free hosting also cannot guarantee maximum availability, and the services are usually not up to date when it comes to several paid hosting services available in the market.

Ideal shared hosting comes at a significant price and offers more features for your investment.

Shared hosting is not scalable

A major misconception about shared hosting is that users cannot easily scale their resources when needed. Most people believe that shared hosting is unable to provide sufficient resources to keep up with their needs once their website grows and they find that there is a lot of traffic.

The truth is that the hosts in shared hosting allow users to choose a cheaper option to start with that they can upgrade later as their business grows.

Shared hosting is not safe

Some people also believe that shared hosting is less secure when compared to other paid hosting services. That’s not true at all. The fact is, shared hosting implements server firewalls and network monitoring to prevent any kind of hacking and malware. Users can easily avail of security services that further improve the security of their website and make it more secure and reliable.

With unmanaged shared hosting, the host takes various measures, such as: B. Preventing DDOS attacks to ensure the security of your website. Well managed shared hosting can do more to the security of your website than paid VPS hosting if you don’t know how to take advantage of the security features available to you in your hosting plan.

Shared hosting has more downtime

One final myth that is prevalent with shared hosting is that there is more downtime. The fact is, shared hosting is far more reliable. An ideal shared hosting solution guarantees up to 99.9% availability, including 24/7 customer support in case users encounter any inconvenience.

The reason for your website downtime depends on how quickly your host responds to your problems and how much time it takes to fix those problems. If your host is constantly monitoring your website, your website is less likely to experience major downtime.

Therefore, it is important to understand that it is not shared hosting that is responsible for frequent downtime, but poor management on the part of your host that can lead to unnecessary downtime.


Shared hosting is very safe and reliable, and it has the features needed to make your website grow. It all depends on your host’s ability to respond to certain situations. Depending on how well your website is managed by your host, this will make all the difference. Such a misunderstanding shouldn’t prevent small businesses from taking advantage of the services shared hosting offers to help their business grow and expand.

We hope this article helps you find the right hosting solution for your website. If you need further assistance, contact our experts at Ewebguru. We deliver flawless hosting solutions at an affordable price.