3 Personal Finance Influencers Dominating Social Media

3 Personal Finance Influencers Dominating Social Media

3 personal financial influencers who dominate social media

Graham built a brand around personal finance. He started his Youtube channel by chance and quickly saw it grow in importance as he discussed his real estate experience and gave his audience prudent advice on how to save money and make smart financial decisions. He started with absolutely no real estate experience and no family relationships and has strengthened his career in real estate as well as his prominence on YouTube.

As his channel grew, Graham relied heavily on transparency, which showed his audience exactly how much he was making on Youtube, and this accelerated his growth exponentially. After amassing millions of viewers, Graham is now focused on budgeting and investing. He can often be seen teaching his students how to harness the power of compound interest to get massively rich by age 65 while jokingly encouraging millennials to eat less avocado toast. Graham has published several real estate coaching programs for investors and real estate agents to scale their businesses and income.

He can often be seen on his Youtube channel posting the latest financial news and topical personal finance topics. He also focuses on using real estate and thus producing income and then freedom. Even so, Graham has built a reputation as an influential personal finance company YouTuber. His goal is to continue building prosperity and freedom while educating his audience. Follow Graham to learn how to better manage your finances, save more money, and invest wisely over the long term.

Shawn Sharma – Instagram @shawnsharma ~ 2 million followers

Shawn Sharma built a brand around credit and financial literacy. Shawn Sharma started out in credit to start his first business, flipping items and using strategies like retail arbitrage and manufacturing spend to amass capital. He made his first million dollars in the power to play other people’s money and find profitable arbitrage opportunities.

Growing up in a trailer park with two disabled parents, Shawn Sharma braved the odds and received Ivy League education from Cornell University and a full drive to medical school. Shawn Sharma had to drop out after the death of his father and take care of his disabled mother. He could count on his good credit to start his first business. Shawn Sharma constantly emphasizes the value of credit and how it can create an opportunity for low income groups to emerge from poverty. While Shawn has been using credit to make money for nearly 8 years, he only got active on Instagram 2 years ago after seeing firsthand the power of branding by companies he owns.

Shawn quickly built a huge following on Instagram by investing a lot of time and being consistent. It saw its greatest growth accidentally when high profile clients re-posted it, and he started leveraging collaborations and celebrity shout-outs to gain a massive following. Shawn’s Instagram content is focused on teaching people how to use credit so they can generate income and travel the world for free. Shawn’s brand growth was led by his lending business, which had sales of 8 numbers per year. Especially in an area where most businesses hide behind professional websites and incomprehensible names and owners, Shawn has built a massive reputation with his personal name and has become one of the most trusted names in the credit industry. Follow Shawn Sharma to learn creative finance hacks, boost your credit scores, start your business with bank money, and travel the world for free.

Humphrey Yang – Tiktok @humphreytalks ~ 1.2 million followers

Humphrey Yang built a brand around personal finance that spanned topics like taxes, budgeting, lending, and investing. Humphrey started out as a retired financial advisor and enjoyed teaching his clients the intricacies of personal finances. However, he saw a window of opportunity when he saw the gap in education and the usefulness of social media for disseminating basic knowledge. He started his hand at tik tok and his videos quickly went viral, garnering over 1.2 million followers. He can be seen doing skits on himself asking himself frequently asked questions that his audience comments in the comment section and answering the same questions as a smarter version of himself on the same sketch.

It also covers little-known tax loopholes and common financial myths that most beginners have. Though the majority of his audience is under 25, he has gotten a massive foothold with millennials choosing between buying or leasing their first car, filing taxes for the first time, building their credit, and moving into their first home . Yang believes it went viral because millennials find it much easier to consume discouraging topics with skits and videos where they would otherwise normally be much drier and boring in textbooks. Humphrey: “I think if you have an interest in personal finance this is important because it kind of gets you where you want to go,” said Yang. “Especially when you have financial goals, or when you have goals to buy a house or have a life that you want to live and aren’t so stressed out all the time.”