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Automated vs. Manual Link Checking: Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

Dec 24

Automated vs. Manual Link Checking: Pros, Cons, and Best Practices

In the world of taking care of your website, one important job is making sure your links are doing well. But how you do this—whether you let a computer do it or you do it yourself—can really change how good and fast it works. Let’s look closely at the good things, not-so-good things, and the best ways to do both with automated and manual link checking.

Automated Link Checking: The Fast Way

Good Things

Saves a Lot of Time: Automated tools are like digital detectives. They quickly look at your website and find links that aren’t working much faster than you can do it yourself.

Looks at Everything: These tools don’t just find broken links. They also check how good the links are, how well they work, and if they affect how your website shows up on search engines.

Works on a Schedule: Automated tools can check your links regularly without needing you to tell them every time. This means your links are always being watched without you having to do it all the time.

Not-So-Good Things:

Sometimes Makes Mistakes: Automated tools might say a link is broken when it’s actually okay. This can make you spend time fixing things that aren’t really broken.

Doesn't Get the Whole Picture: Even though these tools are fast, they might not understand your website as well as a person does. They might miss why some links are more important than others.

Manual Link Checking: Doing it Yourself

Good Things:

Understands the Situation: When you do it yourself, you really get why each link is there. This means you won’t make mistakes about which links are important.

Personal Check: Checking links yourself lets you go through your website like a visitor. You can catch problems that automated tools might miss.

Not-So-Good Things:

Takes a Lot of Time: Let’s be real—checking all your links by hand can take a long time, especially if your website is big. It might not work well if you need to check a lot.

Not Great for Big Websites: If your website has a lot of pages and links, doing it all yourself might not work well. You could miss things because there’s too much to check.

Best Ways to Check Links

Mix Both Ways: Many people find it works best to use automated tools for quick checks most of the time. Then, every now and then, do a more detailed check yourself for the important parts.

Check Often: Whether you use a tool or do it yourself, checking links regularly is important. How often depends on how big and busy your website is.

Use Special Tools: Consider trying tools like Links Guardian to make checking links even easier. Check out Links Guardian, a link checking tool:


Automated and manual link checking both have good and not-so-good things. The trick is to find what works best for your website. Using fast automated tools most of the time, mixed with your personal touch every so often, keeps your links healthy. Regular checks and special tools make it all smoother, so you can focus on making your website a great place for visitors.