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Ben Hammel: Unleashing the Synergy of Frameworks

Sep 22

Ben Hammel's journey into the world of digital marketing commenced as he approached the final stages of his college education. The catalyst for this transformative voyage was the discovery of BlitzMetrics materials back in 2015. After diligently completing the training, he emerged as a proficient digital marketer in his own right. Today, he proudly serves as the CEO of Disruptive Digital Marketing, an agency specializing in paid social media and pay-per-click advertising.

Ben Hammel's Aha Moment

While absorbing the intricate nuances of fundamental concepts like Goals-Content-Targeting (GCT), Metrics-Analysis-Action (MAA), Awareness-Consideration-Conversion (ACC), and the Topic Wheel, it took him a considerable amount of time to grasp the true potency of these elements and how they synergistically contribute to achieving digital marketing excellence.

When the epiphany finally dawned upon him, it left him utterly astounded. The true dynamism of digital marketing doesn't solely reside within any isolated framework. Instead, these frameworks harmonize to fulfill a common objective, revealing the genuine strength within this field.

Application of Ben's Knowledge

Now firmly established in the world of marketing, Ben has forged his unique path within the digital marketing landscape. His current focus is on aiding the recovery of small businesses in the post-coronavirus era. The mission, at hand? To facilitate the resurgence, prosperity, and reconnection of these businesses with their clientele. Ben envisions a substantial positive impact on his clients' enterprises, propelling them back to the days when they were dominating their respective markets.

Ben Hammel

Ben Hammel's narrative is a testament to the enduring influence of the frameworks honed over the years by pioneers like Dennis. As he embarks on his mission to revive and revitalize businesses, we can't help but share in his enthusiasm for the promising prospects that lie on the horizon.