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What is a Backlink?

Jan 11

If you have ever researched SEO, surely you have come across the term "backlink". Backlinks or incoming links are a determining factor for the positioning of a website, so it is very important to know what they are and how to get them. If you also want to find out, don't miss this article!

What is a backlink?

A backlink is simply a link from another website that points to ours. The more quality backlinks you manage to generate, the better positioned your website will be.

This is so because, normally, web page search engines order their results based on two major criteria:

  • The relevance of a web page, that is, to what extent its content adjusts to what a specific user is looking for.
  • The authority of a web page, that is, to what extent the web page enjoys a good reputation on the Internet.

The relevance of a web page depends on factors that can be optimized "on page", such as the titles, the chosen keywords or the alternative texts of the images. Instead, authority is measured based on the number and quality of backlinks leading to a given page. The more authority a site has, the more your "vote" in the form of a backlink will be counted.

How to get more backlinks for your page

The link building (generation of backlinks to your page) has to be part of any SEO strategy worth its salt, but beware: not everything works. Link building is one of the areas that lends itself the most to "black hat SEO", that is, to the application of fraudulent practices to improve positioning quickly.

Besides getting backlinks, you should also keep control over them, to see if they are not changed or deleted. In this can help Links Guardian, backlink tracker that will allow you to track your links and have control over them, so you’ll not end up losing your backlinks, rankings, money and time.

Black hat SEO is never worth it in the long run, as it is detected and severely penalized. Therefore, we are going to focus on the recommended techniques to get links in a clean way:

  • Guest blogging. Guest blogging is based on publishing articles as a guest on other relevant websites or blogs in your sector. In this way, the creator of the web obtains content of interest to its readers and the guest author can introduce a link to its own page.
  • Directories. Sites like the Yellow Pages or Yelp not only help users find your business, but also give you authority in the form of backlinks.
  • Press articles. On many occasions, quotes from experts in the online press are accompanied by a link to the author's website. To get this type of backlinks, it is necessary to position yourself as an authority in your sector and establish contacts with journalists.
  • Press releases. If you manage to publish a press release with links to your website in several relevant media, you will be generating a lot of valuable backlinks to your site.
  • Reciprocal links, that is, "I link you and you link me". Beware: if they are abused or used on sites not directly related to ours, Google may consider them "black hat SEO".
  • Comments on other sites: This strategy has been heavily abused in the past and is no longer as effective, but sites like Quora are still recommended for getting your page out there and generating backlinks.