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The Top Wedding Consignment Shops in my area

Aug 6


A lot of consignment stores sell wedding dresses in my area. The Whaley Center and Spina Weddings are among the most popular. They might offer something you're looking for however, for the most part, you can locate something. This can help you save money while still finding the perfect dress. You could also offer the dress you have on Craigslist even if you're not looking to purchase an entirely new dress.

The Whaley Center

The Whaley Center located in Fayetteville is the home of three consignment stores for weddings. Clothes Mentor, Kids Double Time, Plato Closet Once and Kids Double Time all specialize in wedding dresses and other accessories. To help you shop more easily, you can download their official Android or iOS application. The Whaley Center is an excellent alternative for brides who want to reduce the cost of wedding gowns. The Whaley Center has been operating since 1988.

The Whaley Center is an excellent location to sell your wedding-related items. The center will pay immediate cash for old items. The Whaley Center purchases both children's and ladies' clothes. The store also has an array of Lingerie. It is much easier to sell unwanted items while still getting an acceptable price. The Whaley Centre offers other items can be sold for an acceptable price.


Tradesy is a great platform to market your wedding dress and other wedding-related products. Tradesy is a marketplace which connects buyers and sellers of old clothes and accessories. You can decide on the price and select the shipping option. You'll be notified whenever someone offers something to you and directions on how to send it. Tradesy does not charge upfront fees and charges an 19.8 percent commission on purchases of more than $50.

Tradesy and stillwhite permit you to sell your wedding dress as well as other wedding-related items. Each website has its own classifieds section, and every listing requires a small cost for setup. Stillwhite lets users to upload up to eight images of your wedding gown or another items. You can decide the prices you want and listing do not expire. You can sell multiple items through one store and still be able to benefit from their rules. It is also possible to upload your items to Weddingbee.

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