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LEVO Oil Infuser – Terry's Natural Market, Pueblo Colorado

Aug 6


Chrissy Bellman, a university student from 2011, had a hard time with making infusions at home. It was messy, and left the kitchen with a mess. She was convinced there had an alternative. She created LEVO over the course of five years, and then began to self-fund the development. LEVO Oil infuser is now available in more than 800 retail stores.

Levo II oil infuser

The LEVO II oil infuser can dehydrate and activate dried herbs and botanicals. "Activation" is the term used to describe the heating of cannabinoids. The first LEVOs had shorter activation times and were more focused on culinary use. The new model is specifically designed specifically for extractors of cannabis. This is a fantastic method to make the most benefit from cannabis without spending an enormous amount of money.

The LEVO II countertop oil infuser occupies less space than a larger family rice cooker. The modern and sleek style of the LEVO II is dishwasher safe and comes in a range of contemporary colours. It can accommodate one quarter of an ounce of chopped herbs, and create as much as 19 ounces worth of oils that are infused. The multi-functional LEVO II can be used with any herb you have in your kitchen. It is a well-known option for cannabis users because of its capability to extract premium herb oil.

The LEVO II oil infuser is made for novice as well as advanced chefs. The LEVO II oil infuser makes it easier to complete the process, while ensuring accuracy during the process of infusion. It is a technologically advanced appliance and has gone through several prototypes during its five-year development. It also has an app that gives you all the data and settings needed to make the most delicious recipes.

The LEVO II oil infuser can be used to create an array of herbal infusions. It is possible to incorporate a variety of plants into it, such as cannabis and parsley sage. The LEVO II removes the stress of mixing. The LEVO II can be washed in the dishwasher, which makes it simple to use. The fusion tool can be used to create healthy herb blends in your home.

Infuser to Levo oil

Terry's Natural Market, Pueblo, Colorado is the ideal location to purchase a top-quality CBD as well as hemp oil infuser. The store has a broad variety of CBD products, such as lotions, gummies, tinctures and many more. The inventory of the store has been updated recently with new products as well as reduced stock. New products include Proleve Nighttime CBD as well as Dark Soil Isolate Tincture Tincture. The LEVO I oil infuser is also available.

The LEVO I home oil infusion device is among the most admired and well-known brands. It is plug-and-play, and converts the botanical properties into butters or oils. This removes the requirement to mix by hand. The sleek design makes it simple to operate. It is able to infuse soaps, body oils, and dressings, as well as coffee.