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May 6

SEO Tips for Small Businesses on a Budget

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is an essential tool for the success of any online business.

Effective SEO will place your business at the top page of Google search results, which is crucial for success given the popularity of the search engine. However, many businesses are aiming for that top spot, and have no knowledge of SEO. Your business needs to stand out among the crowd, even against larger businesses with more money to spend on SEO. How can your small business utilize SEO to find success on a limited budget? Here are some effective SEO tips, and how Smashing Pixels’ services can help you:

Search Engine Optimization For Small Brantford Business. 


Take advantage of local search

When looking for services, people often check locations close to where they live. That’s why it is important to utilize local SEO. Keywords help here, but key phrases are effective as well. For example, if your business is based in Brampton and you offer catering services, you can use phrases like “catering in Brampton” or “food services in Brampton” within the text of your business site. Phrases like this will direct local searches right to your business, and filters out vague searches not tied to a specific location. 

To ensure that your business is easy to find locally, provide an NAP (name, address and phone number) that is consistent across all sites and social media platforms related to your business. If you need help optimizing your website for effective SEO and consistent NAP, Smashing Pixels offers services that can help you.


Find the right keywords

Running a successful and well-optimized website requires more than just high quality writing. Your site needs to be visible to potential users by frequently appearing in the top search results. To accomplish this, you need to find the right keywords that will draw interested parties to your site. Keywords and key phrases will allow users to find your website through relevant searches, so your words must be commonly searched and related to your topic. 

The words and phrases must also blend well into your writing to avoid keyword stuffing. Sites such as Google Keyword Planner and CognitiveSEO can help find effective keywords. Our team at Smashing Pixels has experience with these sites and can provide assistance with optimizing your site with proper keyword use.      


Don’t ignore mobile users

Over half of internet traffic comes from users with mobile devices, so ignoring that user base is extremely detrimental to the success of your business. A positive user experience is essential to keep users on your site for more than a few seconds, so mobile users must receive the same experience. You must ensure that your site is configured so that Google will take mobile users to the mobile-optimized version. Mobile users should have access to the same content as anyone else, so they can keep up with any current products and sales. Smashing Pixels offers guidance for mobile site optimization, and can offer those services if contacted. 


Use social media ads

On a limited budget, billboards and commercials are likely not an option for many small business owners. However, social media ads are far more affordable and can be used to reach your target audience. With the right social media platforms, you can hit your target audience. Social media ads can also raise your awareness locally, building interest from your nearby audience. Smashing Pixels can help with your local SEO to ensure that your ads can reach and communicate to your intended audience.   


Become a known expert on your topic

If your business and brand is known as an authority on your topic, users will look to you for reliable information. Establishing yourself as an expert will build trust with your customers and add value to your brand. To establish this authority, you must communicate with your users. Answer questions they have about the relevant topic or products you’re selling. You can even answer questions on separate sites (such as social media message boards or Quora) and provide information about your business and backlinks to your site. Part of building your website is building your reputation, and Smashing Pixels can help communicate your expertise to your audience. 


Research the competition

If you want to know what unique traits you can offer to your industry, you need to find out what’s missing from your competitors. Finding the gaps in your competition will allow you to build a unique brand that provides something different for your customers. This research should apply to SEO as well. Find out how your competitors use SEO to reach their audience. Find out what strategies they use and how they communicate with their user base. Once you find the weaknesses of their brand, make those weaknesses the strength of yours. Once you find out how to strengthen your brand, Smashing Pixels can help you optimize your website to take advantage of those strengths.  


Create blogs

Content marketing for your brand should not only exist in your own website. Blog posts related to your topic can be used for sites other than your own to promote your brand. These posts can be published for other blogs and link back to your own website. This gives your brand additional visibility by leading web searchers to relevant information aside from your own site. If you struggle with writing or lack the free time, a guest blogger can be hired to help you. Smashing Pixels can help build your site by writing blogs to showcase your brand.


As a small business owner with a limited budget, it may be difficult to create successful and high ranking content. However, success is still possible if you follow these SEO tips. If you need further guidance, Smashing Pixels can provide a thorough SEO plan to better optimize your website and brand.


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