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How Much Do Hackers Charge?

Dec 23

Really, the only reason you should engage a hacker is to conduct ethical hacking. As previously stated, working with white hat hackers is an excellent approach to reveal system vulnerabilities and perform penetration testing to improve your company's cybersecurity.

Another example is to utilize a Fiverr Pay-Per-Hour service for $5. You can get an ethical hacker from Fiverr for as little as $5, which is rather inexpensive. These so-called "white hats" assist protect your website from harmful intrusions by detecting vulnerabilities and closing them.

For a time, we're disregarding legal and ethical strictures as we emphasize that cybercriminals may hire hackers to do unlawful things! All the more reason why the general public should be vigilant and practice good cybersecurity hygiene.

In general, SecureWorks reckons that the average hacker charge for accessing a social media account is around $150. For emails, it's around $500. Cell phones can range up to $5,000, and bank accounts are typically charged at about 5% of whatever you transfer. You can read their entire report here.

If you are looking for alternatives to that, there are some hackers like you can rent online in case you need help with crypto, phone monitoring, cheating partners, grades, or credit scores.