18 Black Creators on Social Media (That Should Be On Your Radar)

18 Black Creators on Social Media (That Should Be On Your Radar)

This is the year of the amplified voices as more brands seek to collaborate and collaborate with Black developers on social media.

Whether it’s creating engaging content, building scalable businesses, or encouraging social reform, there are tons of black creatives out there changing the game in every industry.

In this blog post, we’re sharing 18 amazing black creators on social media to follow, learn from, support, and work with:

Why you should support Black Creators on social media

As a business or brand, supporting Black Creators on social media is key to raising underrepresented voices.

And black creators are using their voices now more than ever pronounce about unfair payment and tokenization when working with brands. Long gone are the days when a lack of diversity in marketing campaigns could be swept under the rug.

But remember, don’t just follow along and work with black creators to get a “quota”.

Engage with their content as you would any other. Do they align with your brand’s values? Do they create relevant content for your audience – whether it’s mental health tips or nutritious recipes? Then why not reach it?

Note that there are several ways you can support Black Creators, including:

  • Guest posts on your blog
  • As a speaker or panelist for an event
  • A takeover on Instagram Stories
  • Ongoing ambassador partnerships
  • Product photography or video reviews for a fresh start

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18 black creators on social media follow:

Whether you work in marketing, fashion, food, tech, or beyond, these 18 creators are just the tip of the iceberg. Learn from them, engage with their content, and collaborate with them for your upcoming campaigns.

# 1: Jayde I. Powell

Jayde is the head of social media for the beverage brand Sunwink and uses it Twitter account to consistently deliver refreshing, effective insights into the marketing industry and pop culture. She is definitely someone to follow to stay up to date across all social media.

# 2: Michell Clark

Author and digital strategist Michell Clark provides shareable gemstones that are helpful for entrepreneurs, creatives, and everyday people. In fact, you’ve probably seen some of his work by now other social media feeds. Keep Michell on your radar for daily inspiration, positive affirmations, and more.

# 3: Francheska Medina, Dustin Ross and Assanté Smith (presenters of the Friend Zone Podcast)

All three hosts (Fran, Dustin, and Assante) of The friend zone are independent influencers, but collectively deliver a thought-provoking podcast that uses pop culture to have bigger conversations about mental health in the black community.

# 4: Nana Agyemang

LaterCon 2020 speaker Nana Agyemang is an entrepreneur and editor at NY Mag and The Cut. your EveryStylishGirl The platform empowers black and brown women while their #DipNSlay digital conference is packed with training sessions.

# 5: Erin Ashley Simon

Fun fact: women are a large audience for the esports industry and Erin Ashley Simon has become one of his most popular voices. She uses social platforms like Twitch, Twitter, and Discord to talk to her audience and would be a great contributor to anyone reaching out to the gaming community.

# 6: Justin Shiels

As Creative Director in Austin, TX, Justin Shiels brings a much needed perspective to the digital art world. With his themes of mental health and authenticity, his colorful work stands out on social media. We could all use a dose of content that we are comfortable with.

# 7: Polly Irungu

Polly Irungu is the founder of Black photographers, a directory that belies the notion that black women and non-binary creatives are difficult to spot. BWP worked with VSCO, was featured in NPRand illuminates thousands of black photographers from around the world.

# 8: Evelyn Escobar-Thomas

Black voices, faces, and stories in the open air are rare to find, and Evelyn Escobar-Thomas (@evemeetswest) wants to change that. With her nonprofit Hike Clerb and a mission to equip BIPoC women with the tools, resources and experience to heal together in nature, Evelyn is redefining what it means to be an “outdoors person”.

# 9: Pink Traore

You don’t meet too many model chefs every day, however Rose Traore is something of a trailblazer. He was featured in the New York Times and works regularly with food and beverage brands on its social media channels. Warning: Looking through his food can increase your appetite.

# 10: the weirdness

If you ever need an instant sentiment boost, influencer @the_oddity is your girl. Thanks to her infectious personality, great sense of fashion and self-love, she has already garnered over 500,000 followers on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and YouTube.

# 11: Kim Knight and Shanelle McKenzie (from The Villij)

The Villij was co-founded by Canadian visionaries Kim Knight and Shanelle McKenzie as a way to disrupt the wellness industry. Her goal is to lead a new wave of wellbeing that promotes “Inclusion, Health and Wellbeing for Women with Color”. Their online community includes members from all over the world.

# 12: Alex Wolf

Are you looking for a new podcast to listen to? Entrepreneur Alex Wolf (Who was named one of? FastCompany’s “100 Most Creative People in Business”) moderates the “Alex Wolf Podcast”, in which she holds in-depth discussions on topics ranging from innovation and business to culture and history.

# 13: NickSaysGo

Nicholas Bailey, aka NickSaysGo is a versatile creator. His Instagram, Youtube, and website Content covers everything from skin care and style to home decor and grooming. If you want to engage with a millennial male audience, he’s your man.

# 14: Shannae Ingleton Smith

Every fashion and lifestyle marketer should chat with Canadian entrepreneur Shannae Ingleton Smith (@ Torontoshay). Not only is she #outfitgoals, but she’s also a co-founder of several companies, including Kensington Gray – a boutique influencer agency based on diversity and inclusivity.

# 15: Isis Woods

LaterCon 2020 speaker @isisbreanna is your go-to-business coach and often shares informative information Role content for aspiring entrepreneurs. Follow her for tips on everything from creating engaging content to keeping it safe on screen.

# 16: Whitney Headen & Tahira White (from 19th & Park, Inc.)

Whitney and Tahira are the co-founders of 19th & Park, Inc.: a creative agency owned by a black woman. They were also recorded AdWeeks Creative 100 List and have worked with brands like Equinox, Coach, Essence Magazine, and Ulta Beauty. In other words, they’re crushing it.

# 17: Medina Grillo

Are you looking for interior design inspiration, DIY tips, and home decor content? Medina (@grillodesigns) could be your next content creator and blogger. Not only is she a published author, but Medina has the “Commercial break“on Instagram; their characteristic way of promoting brands through their Instagram stories.

# 18: Jaimmy Koroma

Jaimmy is a lifestyle influencer and art director based out of Dallas, Texas trying to create a space for curvy women everywhere. She uses her Instagram influence to spread messages of body positivity and self-love, and looks super stylish with every step.

PUBLISHER’S NOTE: As of this writing, social strategist Dante Nicholas Post a call for submissions on Twitter to bring the black creators to the spotlight. For more black creators on social media, check out this thread:

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Who are some of the most popular black creators of yours that you follow? ⬇️

– DANTE (@AllThingsDante) January 5, 2021

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Written by

Dante Nicholas

Dante is a social media strategist and photographer based in New Orleans, LA. He has helped develop and manage social campaigns for dozens of clients. You can connect with him on Instagram @allthingsdante.